How To Deal With A Long Distance Relationship

Want to know how to deal with a long distance relationship? The fact that you are looking for tip on how to deal with a long distance relationship is a good start. Relationships are hard enough when you see the other person everyday, it's worse when you can't be near the one you love for long periods of time. This is why communication is key, and so is patience, trust and loyalty. You need a certain willingness to make a long distance relationship work, and if you try hard enough – it surely will!

  1. Communication is key in long distance relationships. You need to have an open line of communication at all times. Cell phones, web cams, the internet and any other devices that you can use to your ability to see each other and hear each other's voices are important. It's also important that you feel that you can call your long distance lover anytime and any place that you need or want to.
  2. Send care packages to each other. If you are in a long distance relationship, sometimes it can feel so lonely. This is why it's important to send each other thoughtful care packages to each other. An old sweatshirt, an old fashioned love note, baked goods and any other sentimental values that make your lover feel closer to home.
  3. Agree to an end on the long distance relationships. If you are going to be in a long distance relationship, you need to both agree on a time when the long distance will come to an end and you can be together physically. Setting a goal on when the long distance ends can help you both have a more hopeful outlook. This helps you feel like the distance is just too far. A common goal to work towards to helps the relationship.
  4. Set boundaries up for each other. It's important to feel as comfortable in a long distance relationship as possible. You and your partner should have a certain set of boundaries as to what is considered when hanging out with the opposite sex. Just like in any relationship, jealously can be a big issues, it's worse when you are farther apart in distance. Let your partner know what might be considered crossing the line.
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