How To Deal With People Who Enjoy Teasing You

It is hard to know how to deal with people who enjoy teasing you. It can be maddening, and often it seems like there is nothing you can do to make them stop. Well here are some tips to help you stop the teasing, and the madness.

  1. Ignore the teasing. This is the best thing you can do. Anyone who has a younger brother or sister that was annoying knows that this is the best way to get them to stop. When someone is teasing or bullying you, they are usually doing it to get a reaction out of you. That is why, even though you have tried talking back to them, the don't seem to stop. Your pleas for them to stop are only fueling their fire. Don't talk back to them. Don't cry and don't turn away. It may seem hard in the beginning to not talk back to them, but bite the inside of your lip if you need something to keep you quiet.
  2. Assume assertive body language. Many times people will tease people that they think look like weak. This is often guided by the body language of the people around them. One thing to do is to look up when you walk. When you look down, you hunch your shoulders and you look weak. If you look at a spot that is a foot higher than the horizon when you walk, your chin will be up and your shoulders will be back. When the teaser is talking to you, cross your arms and meet their gaze.
  3. Use positive visualization. It is a natural reaction to visualize harm on someone who is bullying or teasing you. However, if your strategy is to not react to him, this may not be the best case. What you should do is replay old interactions in your mind and instead of blowing up and reacting to the teaser, you ignore him and move on.


Strategies for Dealing with Teasing

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