How To Deal With Sexual Performance Anxiety

Knowing how to deal with sexual performance anxiety is something many men and women have had to do. Sexual performance anxiety is something that affects many men and even women and can be attributed to high levels of anxiety when it comes to sexual activity. The fear of not being able to perform sexually can limit or even stop intercourse if one does not learn the methods of dealing with it. Here are some tips for dealing with sexual performance anxiety.

  1. Focus on the moment. Stress and many other mental distractions can cause problems with sexual activity. The art of intercourse is a highly mental activity as much as it is physical. For men, the physical reactions that happen during arousal can be completely interrupted by worry and a lack of focus. By focusing on what is happening right now and not worrying about what could happen or thinking about something unrelated can help you to overcome some of the problems related to performance anxiety.
  2. Believe in the power of positive thinking. The act of sexual intercourse is natural. Believing that you can do this and letting yourself enjoy the pleasure of being with that significant other helps to take your mind off of other things and can allow nature to take its course.
  3. Develop your comfort zone. There is no need to rush into performing sexually. Exploring your partner intimately through touching, feeling and observing their reactions can be erotic and stimulate arousal. Take your time and get to know your partner physically and intimately and do not rush to the act of insertion. Did you know that a male can begin insertion and intercourse without a full erection?  It is possible to begin stimulating your partner even when you are not fully erect and this can be pleasurable in itself.
  4. Talk to your partner. Explain to them what is going on. This can be described just like giving a speech in front of a group of people. This is exactly what sexual performance anxiety is like but it can be overcome and with your partners help it can become a growing experience in your relationship.
  5. Seek professional help sooner rather than later. Sexual performance anxiety is a common problem and can happen to most men and even many women. Don’t avoid the problem this will only make it worse. Sexual performance anxiety can become reinforced and more difficult to overcome when left alone.

Having a clear mind, focus and positive thinking can go a long way towards dealing with sexual performance anxiety. When in doubt see your doctor or a professional therapist that specializes with sexual matters for assistance.

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