How To Deal With Sexual Repression

It may seem like an impossible mountain to climb, but learning how to deal with sexual repression can be done. A sexually repressed person will often feel guilty and or ashamed about their sexual feelings. Sexual repression is learned at an early age; it will most likely stem from cultural ideals about sex that are passed from parents to children. Sexual repression affects both sexes. Below are a few ways a male can learn to deal with sexual repression.

  1. Teach yourself different sexual values. When repressive thoughts dampen your sexual urges, push the repressive thoughts aside gently and replace them. Replace your repressive thoughts with thoughts of sex being as natural as breathing is to you. This will be a gradual process, not a battle within yourself.
  2. Don't take negative opinions about sex from others personally. Misery begs for company. Most sexually repressed people will push their feelings onto you in hopes of convincing themselves and you to stay where you are. Listen to them, but don't argue with them. Leaving sexually repressed people with their own opinions will strengthen your new sexual values in the short run.
  3. Talk about sex. This must be intelligent conversation, not locker room guy talk. Open up and talk to your partner about your feelings. Talk to women and men who are close to you that have healthy sexual values and ask for their opinions about sexual repression.
  4. Learn about the sexual values of different cultures. Holland and Australia are the most sexually liberated countries in the world; Italy is considered to be moderately liberated when it comes to sex. Also, study sexually repressed countries like Japan. Learning about the sexual values of other people in the world will broaden your scope, and make it easier for you to let go of your own sexual repression.


Do not battle sexual repression, all you have to do to get over it is let it go.

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