How To Deal With Stool Incontinence

If you are having trouble with your bowel movements, you are probably wondering how to deal with stool incontinence. Although it is embarrassing to talk about, you need to see your doctor as soon possible for this problem. There are ways to manage it, but only your doctor can diagnose what exactly the problem is and make suggestions specifically for your situation.

  1. Find out whether there are medications that might be helpful to you, such as anti-diarrhea medications or stool softeners. Talk to your doctor before taking these type of medications, as the wrong one could make the situation worse.
  2. Experiment with different dietary changes, such as increasing or decreasing fiber intake to deal with stool incontinence, or try drinking more water.
  3. Check out disposable undergarments designed for adults with urinary or stool incontinence. It won't fix the problem, but hopefully it will at least make you less self-conscious and less nervous about going out in public.
  4. Ask your doctor whether surgery is an option for you. If your stool incontinence is due to damage to the anal sphincter, surgery might help.
  5. Try to get your body onto a schedule by going to the bathroom at regular intervals during the day. For example, after meals and before bed. 

Stool incontinence is hard to talk about or admit to, but your doctor can be a great help in finding out what is causing your problem, and what you can do about it. Changing your diet or fluid intake, considering surgery, an getting into a regular bathroom routine are all options. Also, don't be ashamed if you need adult diapers for a time. The reason they are sold in almost all grocery stores, department stores and pharmacies is because many people need them.

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