How To Deal With A Wise Guy

If you're out with a girl and someone makes a sarcastic remark, will you know how to deal with a wise guy? Defending a woman's honor, and perhaps your own, is chivalrous. Learn how to confront rudeness and put a wise guy in his place.

  1. Ask him to stop. The first approach to dealing with a wise guy is asking him to stop. Be polite, but firm and let him know his remarks aren't welcome. If he's a wanna-be wise guy, this will stop him in his tracks. Hardened wise guys will be amused by what they perceive as a weak attempt on your part.
  2. Tell him to stop. There's a difference between asking and telling when dealing with a wise guy. If you ask him to stop and he doesn't, puff your chest out, straighten your shoulders and demand that he stop squawking. This posture is especially effective if you put your face a couple of inches from his. Most wise guys will get the picture and back down.
  3. Get your girl to slap him. When dealing with a wise guy, it often works to have your lady slap him. Of course, this can land her in jail for assault, but in the classic black and white movies, a swift slap typically shuts a smart aleck up.
  4. Punch him in the face. Dealing with a wise guy who's got a big mouth can be a pain. As a last resort, or maybe as a first method depending on the situation, punching the wise guy in the face will surely make him stop. After all, he can't say much with a broken nose and a bloody mouth, right? While he's recovering, you'll be in the back of police car with a free ride to jail, but you and your lady's honor will be intact.
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