How To Deal With Women

Men who are lucky in romance and love know how to deal with women. Is she pushing your buttons? Do you think it's time to give up? Take heart, because dealing with women isn't as hard as you think.

  1. Patience is a virtue. Does it really matter how long she takes to get ready? When you know how to deal with women, you realize the time she spends making herself look hot is not relevant. Some women take hours to prepare while others are ready in 30 minutes. If your girl is slow as Christmas, don't get upset. Make sure she has plenty of time to get ready by planning ahead. Part of dealing with women is giving them space to primp.
  2. Listen to what she says. Dealing with women means listening to what they say. Women communicate on different levels than men. Most women enjoy talking about everything from picking out the right mango at the market to gossiping about a friend's affair. We want you to be part of the conversation, too. Mangoes may not be your thing, but your girl is. Be pleasant, be kind and treat her right. Listen to her stories, large and small. You're definitely a super star when you know how to deal with women.
  3. Allow her to change her mind. What? She's changed her mind again? Many women play this card too often, but give her it anyway. Allow her to change her mind and you know how to deal with women. You can make some ground rules, however. Let her change her mind about her clothes, food and where she wants to go. Draw the line when it interferes with your dates and how you spend time. If you give her some room to wiggle, you know how to deal with women.
  4. Give her space. She needs her mother, sisters and best friends. She also needs her acquaintances, job and time alone. When you are dealing with women, be sure to give them space. Like you, your girl needs freedom. Don't obsess about her whereabouts and you'll have a happier girlfriend. Deal with women the way you want them to deal with you.
  5. Don't try to figure her out. Smart men know when you back off and stop trying to figure out how women think, it's easier to deal with women. Your girlfriend may seem complicated but it does no good for you to analyze everything about her. Let her be who she is and love her exactly as she is. Knowing how to deal with women means being the great guy you are and not worrying about the little things.
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