How To Debone A Deer

Ever wonder how to debone a deer? Whether you plan to do it yourself one day or you are just curious about how the process is, to enjoy your favorite meat. Learn how it all happens.

  1. Field dressed deer. A field dressed deer will make the difference when it comes to how your deer will taste. You can find out specific information about field dressing by doing a search. It basically helps maintain the parts of the deer, so that the parts do no interfere with one another spilling unwanted fluids on the body parts that you will be eating.
  2. Become familiar with the deer anatomy. Knowing the anatomy of the deer helps you to know where you will have to cut. Its kind of like being a surgeon and knowing where you have to operate. There are reference online about the anatomy of a deer to use as a guide. You will need to become familiar and know the rib cage from the backbone to make the deboning a success.
  3. Gather the proper tools. The right tools are very important when cutting the deer. You can use a very sharp skinning knife, or if you are more experienced you can use a hacksaw. Also use waterproof gloves. Deer can be very tough so without the proper tool, you will not be successful. If you are not sure you can always consult with your local butcher, on how you can properly cut the deer.
  4. Start to debone. Don't get nervous, remain calm and confident. With your gloves on, start cutting the deer in half, you will need to cut along the backbone. The backbone starts at the head and ends at the tail bone. As you are cutting, be mindful of any bullets or other devices that was used to hunt the deer. You do not want it in your meat, so cut slowly and keep an eye on it.
  5. Cut the width. Begin cutting the deer in a horizontal shape. You will now begin separating the legs from the hip joints at this point as well. Once the legs are separated, the deer will look a little weird but you are doing it correctly so do not worry. Do not worry about the meat being cut in perfect shapes or pieces. You main goal is just removing the meat from the bone.
  6. Remove the meat from spine. The spine or back bone area are pretty much the same area and should be easily removed. This area is known to be a tender area, you will slowly cut along the back spine to remove the meat from the spine area. You will do this along the other bones of the deer as well to remove all the meat.
  7. Cut  into desired pieces. Once you have finished deboning the deer, it is best to cut it into the pieces that you would prefer. If you are using it for a stew and need it chopped up in small chunk, then cut it as such. It will be easier to cut it now and then freeze it, so you don't have to worry about that later.
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