How To Decorate A Dorm Room Cheap

Need to know how to decorate a dorm room? You've finally made it to freedom, also known as your dorm room, now you only have to figure out how to decorate it without breaking the bank! Out of your parents' house and into the dorms, you are probably more than ready to embrace your new living environment. The drab walls, overused furniture and awkward lighting most likely weren't what you were expecting, though. The overall effect can put a huge damper on your move-in day. But before you re-think your decision to live in the dorms, look at the situation as your first college project. This is a chance for you to bond with your roommate, express all your hidden creativity and make your new abode a home. 

  1. Use teamwork. In most dorms you have at least one roommate, sometimes more. Talk to your roommate before you get there about what you plan on bringing to decorate your dorm room. This will help cut down on clutter and is an excellent way to save money. There is nothing like showing up and finding that you both have a huge rug to decorate the floor but neither of you brought a television. A quick phone call is also a good way to get to know the person that you are about to share a dorm room with for the next nine months. No matter what, you have to meet your roommate, so why not connect on the phone or online first? You know you were planning on stalking his profile anyway.
  2. Use what you've got. Chances are you probably already had novelty items strewn about your room at your parents' house. What better way to make your dorm room feel like home than by bringing your stuff from home? Sure, your roommate may not like all of your stuffed animals, but is he really going to care if you like the slightly disturbing posters he has hanging above his bed? No. Each of you is going to want to be cozy in your new place. If someone's decor is too much of an eyesore, you can always "accidentally" spill beer on it. Or just talk it out. Whichever.
  3. Shop smart. You're spending a lot of money on college, so make sure you cash in on the perks. There are lots of retail stores that give discount to college students, and all you have to do is show your school ID. There may also be sales going on the first few weeks of school at local stores near campus; make sure to check those out. Orientation might be boring, but it usually includes information about these deals and where you can go to get free food before you have to live on cafeteria food for the rest of the year, so pay attention.

Most schools send out a list of suggested items to bring to decorate your dorm room, but you can also find decorating checklists online. Check with your school for any items that are contraband. Some colleges do not allow microwaves, toasters or other cooking appliances in the dorm room. Also, you may want to bring a desk lamp and Christmas lights. The lighting in dorm rooms is harsh and is always either too bright or too dim. Decorative lights will give your room a relaxed vibe and the desk lamps are perfect for studying, even late into the night after your roommate is asleep. Your dorm room is about to be your bedroom, living room, dining room and entertainment area, so make sure you love it and decorate it properly. A little time decorating and bit of creativity are all it takes to transform it into a party palace, study spot or sanctuary.

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