How To Decorate Football Helmets

A couple different reasons prove the importance knowing how of customizing your helmet. First, it needs to fit your personality and team colors. Also, over time, the head-wear becomes dinged up and scratched from using it. Using the right materials requires common sense or you stand a chance of destroying this safety equipment.  Finally, knowing the details of you helmets warranty would benefit you. Customizing it could terminate its warranty immediately.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Painted helmet
  • Vinyl decals
  • 1 Bottle acrylic wax or polish
  1. Acquire the helmet. Possessing a painted helmet first is imperative to this project. The wrong paints can burn through the material of the helmet or won't stick at all. Purchasing a helmet already painted will ensure its resistance to any dings it might receive. Professionals use acrylic enamels.
  2. Prepare the surface. Preparing the surface is essential to strengthen the hold of the decals. Acrylic polish or wax gets the job done. Simply follow the directions on the package by wiping the product to the surface where you plan to apply your decals.
  3. Apply the decals. Vinyl decals can be purchased online or possibly made by a screen and art print shop. Know where you want your images. Apply the center of the decal first and work your way outward. Carefully release any air bubbles as you work. Once done, if an air bubble that can't be smoothed out happens, mark an “X” in the bubble and press down from the outside of the “X”, working inward.
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