How to Decorate a Gazebo For a Vintage Wedding

Gazebos are a popular place for marriages, but knowing how to decorate a gazebo for a vintage wedding can be tricky. Not only do natural elements have to be taken into account, but making a modern, sometimes bulky, gazebo into a beautiful vintage wedding prop can be a challenging transition.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Gazebo
  • Flowers
  • Tulle or sinamay mesh
  • Candles
  1. Pick a theme Even though vintage is in itself a theme, deciding on more specific details will help make the whole event feel more unified. Colors are a good place to start. Think about what you want the overall gazebo to look like–what kinds of cloth; what type of flowers; the overall feeling portrayed–and choose colors that will reflect these choices and go well with the wedding party’s outfits.
  2. Flowers A vintage theme usually comes along with traditional flower arrangements. Roses are an elegant, simple option that accents the overall theme. Since most vintage weddings tend to shy away from bright colors to stick to their theme, the flowers chosen should also be subtle. Lisianthus make a beautiful backdrop to traditional white roses and add to the traditional feel of the ceremony.
  3. Cloth Tulle and sinamay mesh are the most common types of cloth draped around a gazebo for wedding décor. For a vintage theme, opt for off white choices or faded pastel versions of your wedding colors. This will add a lightness and celebratory feel to the gazebo while still conforming to the wedding theme.
  4. Lights For dusk weddings, candles are almost always preferred to electric lights. Couples planning a vintage wedding should look into themed candle holders. A gazebo lit by candles in crystal or metalwork holders will glow and add to the overall feeling of century old enchantment.
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