How To Decorate For A Graduation Dinner

Trying to figure out how to decorate for a graduation dinner? When you decorate for a graduation dinner it doesn't have to be extravagant. Simple decorations work well, and yet will still show your child how proud of them you are. In fact, with a little planning you can have all your decorations assembled in a matter of minutes.

To decorate for a graduation dinner you will need:

  • Tablecloth in one of the school colors
  • Cloth napkins in the alternate school color
  • Place holders with each guests name
  • Plates
  • Silverware
  • Glasses
  • Helium balloons in the school colors
  • Graduation cap skyscape
  • Congratulations graduate banner
  1. Spread the tablecloth over the dining table. Most schools have two school colors; the table cloth should be in one of the school colors.
  2. Set place settings for each guest. Each place setting should include the appropriate silverware, a plate, salad/desert plate and drinking glass. The napkins should be in the opposite school color as the table cloth. Put the napkin to the left side of the plate; place the silverware on the napkin.
  3. Make place holders for each guest. The place holders will have each guests name written on them, and then on placed on each plate. These tell your guests where they are sitting during dinner.
  4. Place bunches of helium balloons, in the school colors, strategically around the room. These should be placed out of the guests way, but you still want them to be seen. Placing balloon bunches in each of the four corners of the room is a good way to accomplish this. 
  5. Hang the banner in the doorway. Ideally, finding a banner in the school colors works best. However, that's not always possible. If you don't have a banner in school colors, make sure you purchase one that doesn't clash with the other colors in the room.
  6. Hang the graduate skyscape. A skyscape is rectangle in shape. They have 3-D decorations hanging down from the main rectangle. In the case of a graduation skyscape, the decoration is often small graduation caps. Hang the skyscape on the ceiling, centered above the table.
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