How To Decorate A Kitchen With High Ceilings

Figuring out how to decorate a kitchen with high ceilings can be a bit intimidating at first. With all that open space it's difficult to determine what to do with it. Accentuating your large open ceiling space can make the room feel larger and more open.  Often times people focus mostly on the floor but in actuality the ceiling has the biggest impact. Follow these tips to successfully decorate your kitchen with high ceilings.

  1. Mirrors. Big tall mirrors are a great way to decorate a high ceiling. Mirrors throw light around the room which can make a space feel open and bright. Find a tall mirror that will fill up most of the space.
  2. Art. Consider hanging one large piece of art or a collage of art pieces.  Use the same style of frames or if you are using different frames consider using all black and white photos. Choosing one of these options will unify the multiple pieces together.
  3. Unique objects. For a different antique touch, hang a tapestry or flag. If you have something of this nature that is important or sentimental to you or your family consider putting this object on display.
  4. Accessories. Decorate the space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling with accessories or silk plants. Accessorize tastefully with a few objects, being careful not to clutter the area.
  5. Lighting. Install rope lights on the top of your upper cabinets. This will add additional lighting as well as add a bit of drama and interest to your kitchen.
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