How To Decorate A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is prime real estate in a household, so knowing how to decorate a kitchen island is important when attempting to add ambiance to your kitchen .  Follow these tips for a beautiful, decorative kitchen island:

  1. Bowls of Fruit. A bowl of fruit can be a very practical decorative element. Put varying fruit items into a decorative bowl. This will add lots of color to your island as well as provide a place for your fruit for people to snack on.
  2. Lighting. Hang pendant lights above your island. Although pendants are suspended from the ceiling and not directly on the kitchen island, oftentimes a ceiling can impact a space more than anything else. Choose decorative pendants with style and color to add interest to your kitchen.
  3. Accessories. Group accessories on your kitchen island such as baskets, a knife block and silk plants. These items can be a combination of practical kitchen items as well as decorative pieces.
  4. Flowers. Flowers are a beautiful way to add some color to your kitchen. Arrange the flowers in a beautifully decorative or crystal vase. Fresh flowers are ideal but good quality silk flowers can work as well. Obviously, fresh flowers won't last quite as long.

However you choose to decorate your kitchen island, make sure that you are cluttering it.  Don't put too many things on the island so that it looks messy. Use nice, classy, decorative items that coordinate with the rest of the room.

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