How To Decorate A Kitchen Italian Style

 Italian inspired living is becoming increasingly popular; this article will explain how to decorate a kitchen Italian style.  With Italian style decorating, you want to pay close attention to small details, as they will make a dramatic impact.  Follow the tips and suggestions listed below and learn how to decorate a kitchen Italian style.

Materials needed to decorate an Italian style kitchen:

  1. Textured paint and related supplies
  2. Dry pasta
  3. Glass containers
  4. Flavored olive oil
  5. Italian cookbooks
  6. Cafe inspired wall art
  7. Cafe curtains

How to decorate a kitchen Italian style:

  • Paint.    One of the most important aspect of learning how to decorate a kitchen Italian style, is the paint you put on the walls.  A textured paint is a great choice, as it adds not only color, but texture too.  Consider gold, yellow, or red paint applied in a lime wash or suede finish.
  • Wall art.  A lot can be accomplished with the right wall art.  You can set the theme to the room with cafe inspired wall art, which may include decorative plates, paintings, candle sconces, wall sculptures, and more.
  • Window treatments.  Choosing the right window treatments is important when learning how to decorate a kitchen Italian style.  Cafe curtains will work with the theme of your room, just be sure to select a fabric that will blend with the paint color you selected.  Stay away from novelty curtains (bright modern-looking prints), as they won't lend an authentic feel and will cheapen the look of the room.
  • Accessories.  The most IMPORTANT part of learning how to decorate a kitchen Italian style is with the accessories you use.  Remember, in an Italian style kitchen the small details will make a huge impact.  Place dry pasta in glass containers, display Italian cookbooks on shelves, and line the windowsill with colorful flavored olive oil jars. 

The final step in learning how to decorate a kitchen Italian style is to use simple white kitchen towels.  This will help the room stay true to an Italian theme, and they will blend with any other decor in the room.

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