How To Decorate A Loft Bedroom

Figuring out how to decorate a loft bedroom can be a little tricky, because it's not a traditional bedroom.  Privacy is always a concern with a loft bedroom as well as how to maximize your space.  With these helpful tips you will be sure to create a warm, inviting space that you will love.

  1. Make privacy. One common dilemma with decorating a loft bedroom is the lack of privacy. There are several things you can use to delineate space and create privacy. Room dividers are one way to achieve privacy. Room dividers come in many colors, heights and can also be opaque to add drama. Using a curtain is another way to achieve privacy. You can string a wire from one end of the room to the other and attach the curtain with clips or hooks. Choose a curtain color and style that compliments the room.
  2. Window treatments. Often times loft bedrooms can have very large windows. Usually, this is a positive attribute to a space, but with a loft bedroom this can sometimes become an annoyance. Rarely, do you want everyone seeing into your room at night while you change. Consider decorating your loft bedroom by installing a window treatment. Blinds or curtains work well for this. If you choose blinds, consider purchasing a top-down/bottom-up style blind. This will allow you to put only the top of the blinds down and still leave the bottom of the blinds down to the window sill, allowing light to come into the room only at the top of the window while you still achieve privacy by having the window mostly covered at the bottom.
  3. Furniture. Depending on the size you will need to decorate your loft bedroom using either small scale furniture for a smaller loft bedroom or group furniture pieces together to define spaces for a larger loft bedroom. Consider delegating a space for a reading or sitting area. Anchor the reading or sitting area with an area rug and add a side table or lamp.



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