How To Decorate Palm Trees With Christmas Lights

Would you love to learn how to decorate palm trees with Christmas lights?  Christmas is a wonderful time of year for decorating with lights. Palm trees are especially pretty to decorate at this time of year. Green net lights and red lights will really make this tree stand out.  Read on for some great tips on decorating palm trees with Christmas lights.

  1. Use green net Christmas lights on top portion of palm trees. Start at the top of the palm tree and drape the green net Christmas lights over the branches. Continue doing this with net lights until all branches are covered in net lights.
  2. Next,  run from  top of the trunk of the palm tree with strand of red lights. Wrap the red lights completely around the trunk of the palm tree. Make sure to continue to do this until the entire trunk is covered in red Christmas lights.
  3. For added effects add green net Christmas lights under the palm  tree. To do this, just wrap as many of the net lights as it takes around the base of the palm tree. This will make the palm trees really stand out in your yard.
  4. Now, hang a few Christmas ornaments in your decorated palm tree. If your palm tree is large hang larger ornaments. Smaller palm trees can be decorated with smaller ornaments.

Learning how to decorate palm trees with Christmas lights is not hard. Just use a little creativity and some imagination and your palm tree can look great doing the Christmas holiday. Be the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.






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