How To Decorate A Picnic Table

Need to know how to decorate a picnic table? Park settings are a perfect place for any gathering, and nature makes a good background for any number of people. Once the park has been picked and the tables have been decided on, trying to decide how to decorate a picnic table can be confusing. First, the decision needs to be made on the theme of the party. Once that has been decided, the rest of the decorating can be as easy as pie!

To decorate a picnic table, you will need:

  • A table cloth, any style or color
  • Tape or clips
  • A centerpiece (flowers, candles, a bowl of fruit or even a plate of sweets)
  • Plates, bowls, napkins and silverware in a festive color that matches the theme of the party
  • Food arranged in bowls and on serving platters, again in colors that match the theme
  1. The first thing to do is wipe down and brush off the benches and picnic table. This will ensure no one gets any dirt or painful surprises when they sit down.
  2. Next, lay the table cloth of your choice down along the table top. You can wrap it around the picnic table, and either tape it to the underside, or use clips to keep it in place, depending on the material of table cloth you choose.
  3. Now, arrange the centerpiece in the middle of the picnic table. If the gathering is for a party or holiday and there happens to be a cake, or a plate of sweets, this would be a great place to put those. Otherwise, a large basket of fruit or flower arrangement can be put right in the center.
  4. You can now stack the plates, bowls, cups and silverware on one end of the picnic table. Take the stack of napkins, place your fist directly in the center, then twist around and watch the napkins fan around in a decorative circle. You can keep all these items to one side of the picnic table.
  5. The other end of the picnic table should be used to display the food. Depending on what sort of food you have, place the serving bowls and plates along the table so everyone can easily grab the food as they walk around. Make sure to place condiments towards the center so they are not easily knocked off the edge.

Once you have the table all set up, you can let everyone mingle around the tables, grabbing food and interacting. Allowing a few tables to be set up this way with a variety of food and drinks forces your party members to chat and mingle, so there is never a dull moment in your gathering. Make sure the flow of food, drinks and sweets is laid out so everyone can easily reach all items. One other tip: if there are going to be separate child and adult food and drinks, designate a picnic table for each so there is no confusion. Once it is all set up, don't forget to sit back and enjoy the work you put into decorating your picnic table!

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