How To Decorate A Plain Bathroom Mirror

You know how to decorate a plain bathroom mirror with basically anything you have lying around the house. Use your imagination to come up with a custom design that is unique to only your bathroom. Here are some ideas to help you get started with decorating a plain bathroom mirror.

  1. Paint your plain bathroom mirror. Begin by painting your mirror with the color(s) of your choice. Don't just use regular wall paint, though-make sure the paint you buy is suited to the material your mirror frame is made of, otherwise, it may not stick for long.
  2. Decorate your plain bathroom mirror with flat-back glass beads. Use a hot glue gun to apply the beads or even some sea glass to your mirror once the paint has dried. You can also glue sea shells, ribbon, and anything else that is lying around the house to help adorn your custom mirror.
  3. Glue rhinestone jewels to your plain bathroom mirror. Add a few rhinestones for a little bling; you can even use them to spell out words on the frame of your mirror.
  4. Come up with a theme and decorate your plain bathroom mirror to use as a focal point. A beach theme, for example, may call for some sand and seashells, or you could simply use jewels for a more glamorous bathroom look.

Keep it simple or create a collage; it’s up to you. It is very easy to decorate a plain bathroom mirror. All you need are a few souvenirs or unused treasures to dress up your bathroom.

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