How To Decorate Shelves

Knowing how to decorate shelves gives you the chance to add a little extra touch to your home. There are so many options and possibilities as you can put as much or as little out on shelves to present a certain look. However, when in doubt, less is more.

You will need:

  • books
  • pictures and picture frames
  • knick knacks
  • trophies, plaques or awards
  1. Clean off the shelves. Before you get started decorating shelves, you want to make sure that you have a clean workspace. If the shelves are glass, you can use some type of glass cleaner but be aware that you are going to need to be extra careful to not get fingerprints on them. If the shelves are wood, they will need to be dusted before you begin and regularly after that.
  2. Add picture frames. You can place different photos all over to decorate shelves. The frames don't have to match and the pictures can be a random assortment. This makes it look more natural and less staged. Be sure to not crowd them so that each frame is touching another. There should be space in between each picture.
  3. Add trophies, plaques or awards. This is a great way to decorate shelves because it displays some of your accomplishments. If you don't already have things like this out, head out to the garage and pull the out of the boxes.
  4. Add knick knacks. While most men aren't going to find these lying around their home, you may be surprised with what you find. If you have golf balls or little ceramic men golfing, use them to decorate shelves. (Note: There is no real definition for knick knack. If you find something around the house that can be used to decorate shelves but you aren't sure what to call it, there is a good chance that it is a knick knack.)
  5. Add books. Books may not seem like the best way to decorate shelves, but they can be incorporated into some of the ideas above. Place a few books upright and against one of the edges of the shelf. Now you can use a figuring, trophy or picture to keep the books in place. As you decorate shelves in another place, lay the books down horizontally. Then you can place something one top of it to add to the decorated look.
  6. Be creative. When you set out to decorate shelves, you will find that just about anything goes. Take your personal style and taste and place things on the shelves that you want other people to see. Don't forget, if the decorated shelves look too crowded, take something down and put it somewhere else.

Now that you are an expert when it come to how to decorate shelves, get started in your own house, looking for items that you want to display.

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