How To Decorate Sunglass Frames

Learning how to decorate sunglass frames is a fun way to change the look for your glasses. It can be a unique way to add your own special touch to a simple pair of sunglasses. You can decorate your own sunglass frames specific to your style. Sunglass frames are simple to decorate. All you need is a few supplies to transform your frames. Plastic frames will work best. Choose any color or size you desire. Express yourself with a cool pair of sunglasses.

In order to decorate sunglass frames, you will need:

  • Paint
  • Rhinestones
  • Jewel glue
  • Glitter
  • Masking tape
  • Sealant
  • Glass cleaner
  • Cloth
  1. Tape off the lens. Place the masking tape over the sunglass lens to avoid damaging the lens.
  2. Create your decoration. You can basically do anything you want on the sunglass frames. You can use various colors of paint to create dots or stripes. You can paint the frames a bright solid color or leave them plain and add accenting colors. You acrylic paint or puffy painting, depending on the decoration.
  3. Add the accents. While the paint is wet, sprinkle on glitter. Once the paint and glitter is dry, you can add rhinestones or other jewels to make them shine. Place a small dab of jewel glue on the frames and carefully position the stones on the frames. Allow the glue to dry for a couple hours.
  4. Apply a sealant. Coat the sunglasses with clear coat sealant to keep the paint for chipping. You can even use a sealant with a shimmer to it. Allow the sealant to dry.
  5. Remove the tape. Once your sunglasses are completed, remove the tape. Wipe off any residue with glass gleaner and a cloth.
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