How To Decorate With Towels In A Bathroom

Decorating with towels in a bathroom can be fun if you read this guide on how to decorate with towels in a bathroom! Towels allows you to tie many colors together and anchor the room. Towels also allow you to introduce other colors to the bathroom without it looking out of place.

  1. It's most attractive to use both solids and prints for the towels in your bathroom.
  2. If you have a large towel rack use either two solid bath towels or two print bath towels, you can choose. But choose towels that coordinate the colors in your bathroom.
  3. After you have chosen your bath towels, choose hand towels to place over the top of your bath towels.  Whatever bath towels you choose, print or solid, use the opposite for the hand towels. Make sure that the print and the solid towels have coordinating colors.
  4. Next, place a hand towel directly near the sink. This towel will be used the most when people are washing their hands. Place the towel in the hand towel rack or on the counter next to the sink.
  5. Choose either a solid or print hand towel. Again, choose a hand towel color that coordinates with the other towels and the rest of the room. If you are using stripes for your print hand towel, make sure that you are not using two different patterns of stripes for the hand towel near the sink and the hand towels that are on your bath towel. This will clash. If you are using stripes it is ok to choose a different pattern for one or the other sets of hand towels, such as a paisley or a damask pattern. By doing this, it will bring more interest to the room.



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