How To Decorate Wedding Cake Champagne Flutes

Need to know how to decorate wedding cake champagne flutes? When it comes to a wedding, champagne flutes are an important touch. When planning a wedding, you want every detail to be perfect, from the cake to the dresses to the champagne. There is no better way to make sure everything is up to your expectations than to make your own wedding cake champagne flutes. No matter what type of wedding you are having, you can easily customize the champagne flutes to coordinate perfectly. This option is great for any bride on a tight wedding budget.

In order to decorate wedding cake champagne flutes, you will need:

  • Champagne flutes
  • Ribbon
  • Small silk or decorative flowers
  • Acid etch cream
  • A small paint brush
  • Stencils in your choice of shapes or designs
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • A soft cloth
  • Gloves
  1. Prepare the work area. You are going to want to protect the area where you will be working. Since you are using acid, you may want to work near the kitchen or bathroom sink. Spread newspaper on the surface where you will be crafting. Be sure to have your gloves on before you apply the acid.
  2. Clean the champagne flutes. Use the glass cleaner and paper towels to clean off the flutes. Use a good quality streak-free brand.
  3. Adhere the stencil to the glass. Place your wedding cake champagne flutes on the newspaper. Line the stencil design up on the flute. Be sure you know where you want it positioned. Once you decided on the right place, use a piece of masking tape to attach the stencil to the flute. Make sure it is smooth and there are no ripples. You don't want anything to drip and ruin the design.
  4. Apply the acid. Shake the bottle before using. Carefully remove the cap. Dip your small paint brush in the acid cream and apply it to the area inside the stencil. Apply a thin coat first. Experimenting with acid etching for the first time can be a little tricky. You want to start at the corner of the design and work your way to the inside. The amount of time the acid needs to sit depends on the brand you selected. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the exact time specifications.
  5. Remove the stencil and acid. Gently remove the masking tape and stencil from the wedding cake champagne flute. Rinse the acid off by running it under cold water. Blot dry using the damp cloth. You now have created an elegant design on the champagne flute.
  6. Add the embellishments. To give the flutes a personalized touch, attach pretty ribbon bows at the top of the glass stem. Add a small flower to the center of the bow. You can use any colors and sizes you desire. Ribbon is available in a stunning variety of textures and designs.
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