How To Decorate A Zen Bedroom

Looking for tips on how to decorate a Zen bedroom? A tranquil bedroom can help release you from the stress of the day. Learn how to decorate a Zen bedroom and create a peaceful oasis in your home. A Zen bedroom may be minimalist, but it is not a stark modern look. There is a fine line between empty and harsh and peaceful simplicity. Transforming your bedroom into a perfect Zen retreat is not difficult or expensive. Learn to create an elegant abode with the following guidelines.  

1. Since one of the main tenets of Zen Buddhism is simplicity, start by clearing the room. Take out all the excess. Remove the nonessentials; your Zen bedroom cannot also be the junk room where you store the tools from last year’s hobby.

2. Once you are clear, it is time to paint the walls. Choose soft neutral colors, an antique white, soft gold, or a soft green. The green you are looking for is light olive, muted lime or a color with khaki undertones; not a pastel candy colored green.

3. Add lighting. Imagine a cozy Asian restaurant and look for dramatic lighting that has a natural feel to it. Something like a string of Christmas lights around the edge of the ceiling weaved with artificial berry branches can create a stunning effect. Tall, rustic looking lamps and groupings of candles create a romantic and relaxing Zen bedroom.  Choose electric, no flame candles for safety in the bedroom.

4. Window treatments can be as simple as a wooden or metal rod with yards of sheer fabric draped over. The diffused light and peaceful movement of the sheer curtain can bring an element of nature into the room.

5. Extend the use of sheer curtains to create a canopy over your bed. Install the hardware into the ceiling over the head of your bed and use fabric to create a serene effect.

6. Look for low, modular pieces of furniture if you need to add seating or storage. A Zen bedroom should be open and sparse, but functional. Use floor pillows to create a reading nook near a simple bookcase. Use A low ottoman that doubles as a nightstand and storage spot or use a grouping of lidded baskets.  Either would work well in a Zen bedroom

7. Decorate a Zen bedroom with natural pieces. Fill a bowl of river stones or create a tabletop Zen garden with sand and rocks. Use branches as a decorative feature and set out incense burners.

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