How To Deepen Your Voice

Regardless of gender, learning how to deepen your voice can open doors for you. People often judge a person by how he sounds, whether on the phone or in a face-to-face meeting. Men with high-pitched voices are deemed weak; women with girly voices are deemed unattractive and even stupid. Learning how to deepen your voice is just as important as straightening your teeth or learning to dress appropriately. There are exercises you can practice that will deepen your voice overtime without harming your vocal cords. With patience and persistence, you can learn how to deepen your voice in the privacy of your home and change the way you sound to reflect who you are. Here are the exercises for deepening your voice with a few minutes of workout each day.

  1. Recite the voice deepening sentence. Used in the broadcasting business for years, a voice exercise that focuses on certain words and their pronunciation has been proven effective in deepening the voice. Speaking in your natural voice, recite the words: “Ding-dong, king-kong, bing-bong.” Linger over the last “ng” sound.
  2. Recite the same sentence in your deepest voice. Once more, linger over the endings of each word set as you deepen your voice to its lowest range. Your vocal cords will begin to strain with this voice deepening exercise.
  3. Recite the same sentence in a mid-range voice. Now, complete the set by saying the words in a medium depth voice, somewhere between the range of the first and second. Repeat the set three times for a single voice training workout that will deepen your voice overtime. There is no need to do this exercise more than once daily.
  4. Tilt your head back. After a week of deepening your voice with the initial Broadcaster’s Exercise, move on to the advanced voice training. Tilt your head back as far as it will go, so that you will be staring at the ceiling. Now, repeat the first three steps of the voice deepening exercise while keeping your head tilted. This will strain and stretch your vocal cords. Repeat this set twice daily but no more, for fear of over-stretching and damaging your vocal cords.

By exercising your voice for a few minutes a day, you will learn how to deepen your voice naturally and safely. With control over the way your voice sounds, your confidence level will grow and your comfort in speaking in a deeper voice will increase until the deep voice becomes your natural voice.

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