How To Deer Hop On BMX

Learning how to do a deer hop is one of the easiest tricks you can master. The deer hop is probably the first trick you will learn as a BMX rider. Aside from the wheelie, the deer hop is the most common BMX trick. Learning how to do a deer hop on a BMX bike is simple enough. This article will walk you through the mechanics to get this done. Learning the deer hop is fun and a neat accomplishment for the novice rider. The deer hop is a cute little trick and will certainly raise your desires to learn more tricks. BMX bikes are fun and a great sport. It is an attraction for all age groups and lifestyles. It is a great means of exercise and recreational sporting activities. For the serious rider, BMX can be quite expensive. But for the casual rider it is a great and inexpensive sport.

  1. Take a ride and limber up. Get the blood going and be aware of your surroundings. The deer hop doesn’t take much room to pull off, but you still need room. The deer hop is labeled a flatland trick and is a launch for many other trick in the category.
  2. Gain a slow speed or you can balance stationary. This trick does not require motion or a level of speed. Stand up on the bike, positioning the peddles in an even line. Pull the handlebars up towards your chest and bring your legs up with it. Your feet should not leave the peddles but the bike should ‘hop’ off the ground.
  3. Keep your knees slightly bent during the deer hop. Also, keep your body straight up and down from the frame of the BMX bike. Once you have done this, you have performed a deer hop on a BMX bike.


  • No matter how simple a trick may be, always wear your protective gear.
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