How To Deer Hunt The Quachita Mountains

Need to know how to deer hunt the Ouachita Mountains? This can be a great adventure, but you will need the proper equipment and licensing before you proceed.  The weather in the Ouachita Mountains is usually perfect, especially during deer season. This area offers great bear, turkey, and duck hunting too. Deer season begins October 1 and ends February 28. However, during this time the types of hunting are limited. Archery is permitted throughout this time frame, but gun hunting is only permitted until November 13. The Ouachita Mountains are a great place to explore and you should have limited problems with bears if you dispose of your trash properly. If you are hunting deer in Ouachita Mountains there are some things you need to know. Read the list below on you'll be well on your way to a successful hunting trip.

In order to deer hunt in the Ouachita Mountains you will need:

  • Camping gear
  • A map or GPS system
  • Deer tags provided by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  • Tools to gut your deer
  • Hunting equipment (rifles are limited during certain parts of the season)
  • A hunting license from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  1. Make sure you are attempting to hunt within the correct season. This is the most important step.
  2. Obtain your hunting license from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. You may purchase online or find a reputable dealer through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission website. This is also a must!
  3. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has a complete list of rules and regulations that you should review before attempting to hunt deer. It's your responsibility to know and abide by those rules.
  4. Bring all of your supplies and safety equipment. You may get lost out there, so make sure you pack a GPS device or a simple compass.
  5. Review the website for more detailed information on how to tag and label your deer. Each deer needs to be tagged and recorded with no exceptions. There are huge fines if you do not do this properly.
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