How To Deflate Air Mattress Using Pump

It's simple to learn how to deflate air mattress using pump. Whether your mattress has an internal pump or you are using an external pump, using a a pump helps make the deflation process go much faster. Use these techniques to deflate your air mattress with a pump.

For mattresses with a built-in pump:

  1. Flip the pump switch to "Deflate." Depending on the model of mattress you have, this may be marked with a "0" or a minus sign.
  2. The pump will begin to suck the air from the mattress and the mattress will begin to deflate. The mattress and pump model will also determine how long it takes to for the mattress to fully deflate, though most models with built-in pumps deflate within a matter of a few minutes.

For mattresses without a built-in pump, you will need:

  • an external pump
  1. Your pump should have two places where the nozzle attaches: a wide-mouth opening and a narrow opening. Attach your pump nozzle to the wide-mouth opening.
  2. Your mattress will have two valves: a narrow one that you use to fill the mattress, and a wide-mouth one that you open to deflate the mattress. After hooking the nozzle to the deflate valve on the pump, place the nozzle in the open end of the deflate valve on the mattress.
  3. Turn the pump on. The pump will begin to suck air from the mattress, and the mattress will begin to deflate. You may need to hold the pump to make sure it keeps contact with the mattress. Having another person apply pressure to the mattress may help speed up the deflation process.
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