How to Deflate a Football

There are various reasons you might want to know how to deflate a football. The most common reason for knowing how to deflate a football is because balls are often required to be deflated during air travel. Luckily deflating a football is a simple process and will also save you a lot of luggage room when you travel. Here is everything you need to know about how to deflate a football.

  1. Find a ball pump needle. The first step in learning how to deflate a football is finding a ball pump needle. You do not need an actual ball pump, just the pump needle.
  2. Insert the ball pump needle into the football. The next step in learning how to deflate a football is to insert the ball pump needle into the football as if you were about to pump up the football. As soon as you insert the needles you should hear a hiss coming from the football. This is air escaping through the ball pump needle.
  3. Squeeze the football gently. Squeezing the football gently while the ball pump needle is inserted will help to cause a constant stream of air to be released from the football. A consistent gentle squeeze will help expedite the process of deflating your football. As the football loses more and more air be careful about scratching the inside with the ball pump needle, as you don't want to scratch up your football. 
  4. Remove the ball pump needle. The final step in learning how to deflate a football is simply to remove the ball pump needle. Your football is now deflated and ready to travel! Just remember to bring along that ball pump and needle so you can get your football back in playing condition when you reach your destination.



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