How To Deflower A Virgin

Learn about how to deflower a virgin. This is a very delicate situation as you will be her first, and she may feel a close attachment to you after losing her virginity to you, so be prepared. On the one hand, you maybe leery of deflowering a virgin because of the emotions that may follow, but on the other hand, you may feel special that she chose you to share this memorable experience with. In any case, you should handle being with a virgin differently from being with a female whose had her first sexual experience.

  1. Don’t pressure her to lose her virginity. Losing her virginity will be a big step, so don’t put any pressure on her to allow you to be the one she loses her virginity to. As a virgin, she has to know in her mind and body the time is right to be deflowered by you or anyone else. Let her make the decision.

  2. Make sure she’s truly ready to be deflowered. It’s probably very flattering to you. You will get the opportunity to deflower a virgin, but if there is the possibility she is only planning to do this because she feels it's what you want, you should set her straight. As tempting as it may be to become her first, you may receive unwanted attention from her after you have sex with her.

  3. Let her choose the time and place. Let her feel she’s in control of the situation, unless she asks you to handle everything. This delicate little flower will already be in knots anticipating her deflowering, but it may help to alleviate some of the butterflies in her stomach if she picks the time and place to come in as a virgin and leave out as a mature woman.

  4. Make it special for her. Make her feel like you want to do more than just deflower her; you also want to share a special moment with her. When the day arrives, you should spend as much time together as possible leading up to her deflowering. You will need her to be in a calm state; this will help to relax certain muscles so it won't be so painful to penetrate the virgin. You will need to arouse her. Don’t think that because she is a virgin she will be hot with lust; that is not the case. Kissing and caressing her will entice her into the right mood.

  5. Plenty of lubrication will be needed. Since she is a virgin, her vagina will be very tight. Keep plenty of lubricating jelly, like KY Jelly or even Vaseline handy; you will need it. Also, stimulating her will make her produce her own natural lubricant. 

  6. Ask about protection. Just because she is a virgin doesn’t mean she is naive about birth control. It’s possible she didn’t take this into consideration when deciding to lose her virginity, so birth control needs to be discussed before deflowering her.

  7. Take your time when you are in the process of deflowering her. It may not be painful for you to put a little force behind entering her vagina, but you better believe it will be painful for her to the point of perhaps asking you to stop. So, make sure you use plenty of lubrication. Don’t do anything without letting her know and ask if it’s okay. See if she minds you using a couple of your fingers first, just to loosen it up.

  8. Show genuine concern throughout the process. You should already expect her first sexual experience won't be earth shattering because of the discomfort. So, make sure to continue asking her if she is okay. Always put her feelings and emotions first.

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