How To Defog Ski Goggles

Need to know how to defog ski goggles? By following the tips listed below, you can learn how to defog your own ski goggles using only a few materials. Having ski goggles that you can see out of clearly is essential for ski and snowboard safety. When placing ski goggles on your head, take your time and make sure no snow or ice gets knocked inside of the goggles so that you won't need to defog them later. You'll be racing back down the hill in no time!

To defog your ski goggles, you will need:

  • Tissue placed in your pocket
  1. Make sure that the goggles are the right size for your head, and that they fit properly. One of the most common ways that goggles fog up is through snow sneaking in through the gap between the goggles and your head. If the seal isn't secure, snow is more likely to enter here. Finding goggles that fit you well is essential in preventing your goggles from becoming foggy.
  2. Once you begin to notice that your goggles have fogged up, ski or snowboard to an area that if free from other skiers. Carefully stop, and remove your goggles.
  3. Reach into your pocket and remove the tissue that you placed there earlier. Remove one of your gloves and hold the tissue in your hand. Carefully wipe away any moisture that has gotten inside the goggles to defog them, trying to be as thorough as possible.
  4. Hold the glasses in the air. Allow the air to circulate around the goggles, drying them. This works best on days that are windy or breezy.
  5. Carefully place your defogged goggles back onto your head, and head back up the slopes. Enjoy a full day of riding!
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