How To Defog Snowboarding Goggles

Learning how to defog or to keep snowboard goggles from fogging up can eliminate a great irritant. Fogging of snowboard goggles is a very common occurrence. When snowboard goggles are cold and they are placed on a snowboarder, the heat from the eyes can fog up the goggles. Foggy snowboard goggles are irritating as they hinder the vision of the snowboarder. For this reason, foggy snowboard goggles are a hazard to the snowboarder. Learning how to keep the fog off the snowboard goggles is a great thing to learn. There are various ways to accomplish this and this article will talk about two of the most common tricks. Learning these tricks will help to reduce or eliminate altogether fogging up of snowboard goggles.

Snowboarding is a great sport. It provides excitement, fun, and the chance to get outdoors. Snowboarding is a family sport and a great way to spend time together. Learning different tricks and ways to stretch your dollar will also make the sport more affordable.

What you will need for this:

  • Snowboard goggles
  • Defogging cleaner
  • Hand warmer

How to defog snowboard goggles

There are many ways to defog snowboard goggles. Here are two quick and inexpensive recommendations.

  1. Use a defogging cleaner to clean the snowboard goggles, do this every time they need cleaning or when they begin to fog. Always use a glass rated felt or soft cloth to clean your snowboard goggles. The defogging cleaner will place a film over the snowboard goggles to protect them from fogging. This is a proven means to reduce or eliminate fogging of snowboard goggles and keeps them clean at the same time.
  2. This other method takes some patience but requires no additional cost. If fogging is brought on by the temperature of the snowboard goggle and you, then warm up the goggles. You can do this by placing the goggles on a hand warmer or by wearing them over your neck. After a few minute move them up and set them above the eyes. Then place them over the eyes. This should allow the snowboard goggles to come to room temperature.
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