How To Defog Spy Snowboarding Goggles

Foggy snowboarding goggles can ruin a great day on the mountain, so learn about how to defog Spy snowboarding goggles. Learning how to defog Spy snowboarding goggles is essentially the same as defogging any brand of snowboarding goggles. Follow these steps to defog your Spy snowboarding goggles (or any other brand of snowboarding goggles).

Things you'll need:

  • Spy snowboarding goggles cloth
  • De-fogging cleaners
  • Disposable anti-fog wipes
  1. Stop putting your goggles on your head. Many snowboarders rest their snowboarding goggles on their head. However, this is a great way to fog up your goggles. Dirt and oil from your hair and skin will only create more fog. If you need to remove your goggles, put them in the cloth bag (most Spy snowboarding goggles come with this included with the purchase) and place the Spy snowboarding goggles in your pocket.
  2. Apply a de-fogging treatment to your snowboarding goggles. If your Spy snowboarding glasses get really foggy, you can use an anti-fog cleaner. For example, you can apply a concentrate to your goggles, such as Clarity de-fog treatment, and they won't fog up for an entire day on the mountain. These types of fog protection cleansers are safe for most Spy snowboarding goggles.
  3. Bring a cloth or anti-fog wipes. If an anti-fog treatment is too intense for you, you can just bring a cloth. In fact, you can use the cloth your Spy goggles came in. Pull your Spy goggles away from your face and quickly wipe them out. You can also use anti-fog wipes, which are disposable fog-resistant wipes.
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