How To Delete Achievements On Xbox 360

Look no further as we will outline exactly how to delete achievements on your Xbox 360 console.  Competitive gamers often compare their achievements with other gamers like themselves and dislike the fact that an unwanted game or arcade demo remains on their achievement list.  Well we now have just the solution for you on how to delete achievements from your Xbox 360.

***Keep in mind that you can only delete an achievement on the Xbox 360 if you earned no achievement or gamerscore.  In addition, you must be signed in to Xbox Live in order to delete achievements on your Xbox 360.***  
  1. Press the Xbox 360 guide button.  This button would be the big round circle with an X in the middle of your controller and calls your main Xbox 360 menu which outlines your entire system.
  2. Scroll left to the 'Games' tab.   The tab should be on the sides of the menu options.
  3. Select 'Achievements' from the list.  Select the Achievements option from the menu, it should be the first option. 
  4. Toggle through the list and find a game history you wish to delete.  Remember it can only be a game in which the user earned no achievement.  
  5. Press the (blue) 'X'  button to delete game history.  Any achievement you wish to delete can be removed at this stage as long as you are connected to Xbox Live and have not earned any achievement.  
There you have it, five simple steps to delete achievements on Xbox 360.  .  As of this writing there is no solution for deleting games in which the user gained an achievement.  The user can always choose to create a new profile, but only each Xbox Live account costs fifty dollars (USD), putting a steep cost on resetting your achievements.  For those of you new to the Xbox 360, your gamerscore tallies your individual achievements points out of the total achievements (usually out of 1000)
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