How To Delete Albums From Ipod Touch

Unsure how to delete albums from iPod Touch? It is not as difficult as it may seem. You can easily remove playlists, songs, or albums from iPod Touch so you can make room for more content. With a few easy steps you can delete an album from iPod Touch.

  1. Plug your iPod Touch USB cord into your iPod and your computer to make a connection. Start iTunes. Choose the listing for iPod. On the summary tab choose manually manage music and video and then select OK. This will enable you to manually manage all of your iPod content. You will still have the ability to sync songs and videos if you choose to with this setting. And this setting will make it easier for you to add and remove content from your iPod Touch.
  2. Select the iPod icon (the gray button) within the Control Panel on iTunes. All of the content you have saved on your iPod will appear on your screen. You can scroll through to find the particular album, playlist, or a specific song you want to delete. You can also use this screen to add songs, videos, playlists, or new albums to Ipod Touch.
  3. Choose the album you want to delete from iPod Touch by highlighting the album's content. Within the Edit Menu is a Delete listing. Simply select Delete and your album content will be deleted from iPod Touch. Now you have more memory to add more content such as videos, songs, playlists, or even a whole new album of your choice.


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