How To Delete All SMS Messages In My BlackBerry Curve

Are you thinking to yourself, "I need to know how to delete all SMS messages in my BlackBerry Curve"? When you are condensing your files on your BlackBerry Curve, it is nice to delete all your SMS messages at one time. It is not immediately obvious how to do this, but there is a way. The BlackBerry Curve uses folders to store your email, SMS and MMS messages separately. It also stores your incoming and outgoing messages separately, but within a few steps, you can have all your SMS messages deleted.

  1. Using your trackball, navigate and open your Message folder. If you have your email and text messages in separate folders, open the one for your text messages.
  2. Press the Menu key to the right of the trackball. This has the BlackBerry logo on it. It will open menu selections for the application you are in.
  3. Scroll down and select “View Folder” by clicking the trackball. This will bring up the entire list of folders for email and text messages on your BlackBerry Curve.
  4. Scroll down until you highlight “SMS Inbox.” This will bring up all the incoming SMS messages stored on your BlackBerry. Scroll to the top of the listing and press the Menu key once more. Choose “Delete Prior” and then “Delete.” This will remove all the received SMS messages.
  5. Press the Menu key a third time and select “View Folder” once again. You will be back to the main selection of message folders.
  6. Choose “SMS Outbox” to delete all the sent SMS messages on your BlackBerry. You delete this in the same way as before, by scrolling to the top, pressing the Menu button and choosing “Delete Prior.”
  7. Press the “Back” key, to the right of your trackball. This will return you to your original message folder.

You can delete messages from a certain day by highlighting that day in the message listing before selecting “Delete Prior.” All the message prior to that date will be removed.

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