How To Delete Files From A Wii Hard Drive

Do you need to learn how to delete files from a Wii hard drive? Files can build up on a Wii hard drive just as they do on a computer. When this happens, files need deleting and some files can be deleted to free up space for other game files.  Removing files from a Wii hard drive is not hard. Listed below you will find instructions for deleting the unnecessary files from your Wii hard drive. 

You will need:

  • USB drive
  1. Delete unnecessary files from hard drive; this includes old games you no longer play. If you want to keep some of the games, you will need a USB drive to send all your files to for later game play. Purchase USB sticks at any electronics store. Make sure to buy one that will hold all the files you plan to store on the drive. You can use as many USB’s as you need to help you delete files from your Wii hard drive.
  2. Once you have inserted the drive into your Wii, you can begin the process of transferring your files. Simply click on the file you want to transfer and right mouse click.
  3. Next, click send to and select the USB you want to send the file to. The file or files will transfer.
  4. Once the transfer of files is complete, highlight the files again and right mouse click. Click the delete key and your files are now deleted. This frees up space on your Wii hard drive and allows you to have room to play newer games.
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