How To Delete Files From An Xbox Hard Drive

Learning how to delete files from an Xbox hard drive is pretty simple and makes things a whole lot easier. Xbox systems are built to store a large amount of items, but like anything else they do not come with an unlimited amount of space. Deleting files that you may no longer need can help open up storage space for other newer files that you really need. When deleting files on this gaming system there is no need to worry about deleting all of them, because you can select the ones that you wish to delete. Here are a few steps that will help you delete files from an Xbox hard drive.

To delete files from an Xbox hard drive, you will need:

  • Xbox
  • Tv
  1. Turn on the Xbox like you are about to play a game. Once your Xbox is on and connected go to the Xbox dashboard. Go down the list and select memory then select hard drive.
  2. Select what you want to delete. After you have clicked on hard drive you should see a list of items that say things like games, gamer profile, demos, etc. Each of these categories have a number beside it and this tells you how much space each of these categories is taking up on your Xbox's hard drive. Click on the category you want to delete something from. This will bring up another list of objects you have stored under that category. Click on one of those items. It will now give you the option to copy, move or delete that item. Click delete and it will delete the item that you selected.
  3. Repeat these steps as much as you want. You can go in and delete all of the items that you no longer want stored on your Xbox.

These steps are fairly simple and will be easy since you now know how to delete files from an Xbox hard drive.

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