How To Delete On-The-Go Playlists From iPod

Learn how to delete On-The-Go playlists from an iPod. Honestly, deleting things on an iPod are not as everyone expects. There are extra steps to take in deleting On-The-Go playlists from an iPod. All adding and deleting requires iTunes, so make sure you have iTunes setup.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer. iTunes is the only loop hole to get around deleting anything from your iPod. Of course you didn't create your On-The-Go playlist on iTunes, but iTunes is the way to delete it. Ensure that iTunes is functioning properly, then move on to step two.
  2. Connect your iPod to your computer. Connect the USB cord to the iPod first, then to the computer. Do not jerk the cord in any way. Wait for iTunes to recognize your device and receive information from On-The-Go playlist.
  3. Delete playlists from iTunes. On the far left side of iTunes there is a link that says playlists. Click on playlists. Note: If you have more than one playlist it will show once you click 'playlist.' Right click on the undesired playlist. There will be an option to delete, then click that option.
  4. Sync iPod. Sync your iPod so that the On-The-Go playlist deletion will reflect on your iPod. Please note that the playlist will only be deleted, but not the songs themselves. There is another method for deleting songs.
  5. Check iPod for results. Start by disconnecting your iPod after sync. Go to your music, then playlist and On-The-Go. If the songs are still there, then process wasn't completed properly. Try again.
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