How To Delete A Group On Facebook

Need to know how to delete a group on Facebook? If you are a Facebook user, you have no doubt seen some of the many groups that users have created.  Maybe you even created a group yourself.  If you created or joined a group and no longer visit the group or don't want it showing up on your profile, you can delete it.  There are two different processes, depending on whether you are the group's creator or if you are only a member. 

Delete a Group You Created

  1. Log in to Facebook.  Sign in to your Facebook account with your email address and password and enter the name of the group in the search box at the top of the page.  The group link should pop up; click it to open the group page.
  2. Edit the members.  Before you can delete a group you created, you have to remove the members from the group.  Click "Edit Members" located in the sub-menu to the left of the page.  Click the "X" next to each group name and then click "Remove."
  3. Leave the group.  Click the "Leave Group" link located in the sub-menu on the group's main page.  A box will pop up with a warning telling you that if you leave, the group will be deleted; click "Remove" to verify that you want to leave the group.  You can check to see that the group was deleted by searching for it; the group will be removed from the group listings.

Delete a Group from a Profile

  1. Access the group page.  After you sign in to Facebook, either enter the name of the group in the search box or go to your profile page and click the group name listed in the "Info" section of your profile.
  2. Leave the group.  When you open the group page, click "Leave Group" located under the group picture.  You will be asked to verify that you want to leave the group; click "Remove."  The group will be deleted from your profile.
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