How To Delete Memory Off Of PS3

The Sony PlayStation 3 has a lot of memory on it, but unfortunately it's not infinite, so eventually you will want to delete memory off of your PS3. After having had your PS3 for a couple of years now you have all of the save files from the games you've bought, you've uploaded pictures and you've downloaded plenty of movies and video game demos. All of these media files, while fun, are now clogging up your game system and taking up too much room on your Hard Disc Drive (HDD).  It's time to go into your PS3 and delete some of those files.

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 3. After you have logged into your name this will bring up the XMB Home menu.
  2. Choose your menu. Decide which type of file you want to delete, whether it's a game, music, movie or pictures. In the Game menu you will have to scroll down to Saved Game Utility and press the "X" button to bring up the saved game files.
  3. Select the file you want to delete. Once that file has been highlighted, press the "Triangle" button. This will bring up three possible options: Copy, Delete and Information. Select Delete and press the "X" Button. Your save file is now deleted and you have more memory on your PS3.

 Remember, once you delete something from you PS3's memory it is gone for good. Be certain that this is a media file that you can live without. Or, backup yourPS3's memory on a removable storage device like a Memory Stick or a USB device so you can access the files even after they've been deleted from your video game system.     


Deleting music files






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