How To Delete Mii With Password on Wii Fit

There are numerous reasons you might need to delete a Mii with a password on it in Wii Fit. Say a friend wanted to try the game, created a Mii on it, and then never played again. Or maybe you've reached the 8-Mii limit in the game, but you don't know all of their passwords, so you're stuck with them.
Don't worry, deleting a Mii is quick and easy—even one whose password you don't know!

You will need:

  • A Wii
  • A Wii remote
  • A Wii Fit game disc
  • A TV

Before you go about this, make sure you really want to delete the character. Reversing a deleted Mii is impossible, so don't try and prank your friends by deleting their password-protected Mii! 

  1. Turn the Wii on and put the Wii Fit disc into it. Navigate the main Wii menu to play the Wii Fit game, and go to the loading screen (called the Wii Fit Plaza) where you select which Mii to play as.
  2. Select the Mii you want to delete as if you plan to play the game with it. Naturally, it will ask you for the password.
  3. Guess randomly for the password. Don't worry, this isn't the actual solution! Select the same Mii and try to enter a password over and over, mashing random number buttons for the password each time. Three to five attempts later, the game will stop asking for the password, and instead ask, “Are you really [Mii's name]?”
  4. Select “yes.” The Mii will ask you to verify that it's you by entering your height.
  5. Type in the height of the person who created the Mii. It will then log you in and even advise you where you can go to take the password off in the settings. This is ideal for deleting friends' one-time Miis and the Mii of anybody who used to play and decided to quit, such as an old roommate. And even if you don't want to delete your Mii, now you know how to log in if you have forgotten your password!
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