How To Delete A Mii From The Wii Fit Channel

When you're tired of seeing your old, out of shape avatar, it's time to learn how to delete a Mii from the Wii Fit Channel.  You created that Mii a long time ago, back when you thought you'd be working out five days a week, and seeing its smirking face reminds you of that empty promise.  You have to retire that Mii of yours quickly and quietly to open up a spot for the fitter, slimmer, healthier new Mii to put in its place, the new Mii for the new you.  Follow these simple steps and you will easily delete the Mii from your Wii Fit Channel.

  1. Insert the game disc.  Delete a Mii from the Wii Fit Channel by going to the Wii Fit Plaza.  You must have the game disc to access it.  Simply slide the Wii Fit game disc into the Wii console in the same manner as if you were going to play the game. 
  2. Open the Wii Fit Channel.  Navigate your channels and tap the A button on your Wii remote over the Wii Fit Channel.  Click "Start" to head into the Wii Fit Plaza.  Your Mii should be waiting for you in the middle of the screen, wondering why you've forsaken it-remember, no regrets.
  3. Select the Mii you want to delete.  All the Mii profiles in use will be standing across the bottom of the screen.  It's time to start saying your goodbyes.  Pick the Mii and then click "Begin."  You may need to navigate through the talking Wii board's prompts by pushing the A button on your Wii remote.
  4. Click on User Settings.  On the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a circular button with a smiley face.  Click the button and then select "Delete User Data."
  5. Erase!  It's your last chance to change your mind-this process cannot be reversed once it's been completed.  When prompted to erase user data, select "Yes" and then "Yes" at the next prompt asking you if you're sure.  If you followed these steps correctly, the Mii will immediately be deleted from the Wii Fit Channel.  Head back to the Wii Fit Plaza to mourn its passing, to celebrate its short lifespan, or to create a new Mii for the new you!
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