How To Delete PS3 Download Cache

Do you use the internet browser on your Playstation 3 but not know how to delete the PS3 download cache?  For gamers, using your PS3 to browse the web is an extremely easy method to go online.  Using the PS3 system and the remote to seamlessly switch between video gaming, multimedia (photos and videos), and the internet make Sony's console a convenient, multitasking platform.  But like all computer machines, an important way to maintain the system's integrity and optimize its performance is to clean up the memory cache.  Here are some easy instructions on how you can do just that.

  1. Select Network from the XMB ("XrossMediaBar") menu.  The icon resembles the grid of a globe.  Here you will find all things internet-related for your PS3, like your browser, internet search option, and remote play (the ability to operate the system over a network).
  2. Select Internet Browser.  The browser screen will appear; if your internet connection is working properly, your home page will appear.  Press Triangle to open up your Options menu.  From here, you may change your viewing preferences, examine the browser security, or even print the screen.
  3. On the Options menu, select Tools.  The Tools menu displays even more options- here you may allow and block internet cookies, turn on or off the Javascript, and employ various screen view and resolution preferences.  Also, you will find many of the PS3 delete options available.  Scroll down to the Delete Cache option.
  4. Delete Cache.  When prompted, select "Yes" to confirm the deletion.  This cannot be undone; once you've confirmed it, the PS3 download cache will be empty until you use the internet browser again.
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