How To Delete PS3 Online Account

Do you need to learn how to delete your PS3 online account? While it's impossible to completely remove your unwanted online PS3 account from the PlayStation Network, you can remove the account from your console and have it suspended by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). Read through the steps below to learn how to delete your PS3 online account.

  1. Remove the account from your system. To do this, go to your XMB screen and select Account Management. Next, click the green triangle button on your remote. Select "Delete Account" and click the green "x" button. It will ask you if you want to delete the account, from here choose "Yes."
  2. Close your PS3 online account. Since the deleted username and account are permanently on the PS3 online network, it can still be accessed. If you want to make sure that it isn't accessible, you must request that it be suspended or banned. This can be done by calling the Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) consumer services hotline at 1-877-971-7669.
  3. Remove your personal information off your PS3. If you need to send your PS3 in for service or you're planning on selling your PS3, it's wise that you remove all your personal information off the console. To do this, backup anything you want to save, like pictures or music. Next, go ahead and delete your online account as this will also remove your saved credit card numbers and billing information.
  4. Format your hard drive. If you format your PS3 hard drive, you'll erase all of the data on the disk. After backing up your data, go to the Settings screen and click the "x" button on your remote. Choose the Format Hard Disk and follow the prompts on the screen.



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