How To Delete Ringtones From BlackBerry Curve

If you went wild with downloading ringtones when you bought that new, fancy phone, you might find yourself in a quandary one day while trying to figure out how to delete ringtones from the Blackberry Curve. There are a few ways to delete ringtones from the Blackberry Curve and a few things you need to know to complete the process.

  1. The easiest way to delete Blackberry Curve ringtones is to enable mass storage mode through the Blackberry Desktop Manager. By hooking up your Blackberry Curve directly to the computer and connecting through the desktop manager software, your computer will see your Blackberry just as another external drive. It's quite easy to navigate to the ringtone directory, select the ringtones you don't want any longer, and hit delete on your computer keyboard. Poof, the Blackberry Curve ringtones will be gone!
  2. Delete the ringtones directly off the phone. Go to media, ringtones and then select the ringtone you want to delete. Press the "menu" button and navigate down to "delete ringtone." Confirm the deletion. You might find that the ringtone is still there, though and will be until you know the secret of pulling the battery out and rebooting the phone. This will complete this method for deleting Blackberry Curve ringtones directly through your phone.


Before you go crazy and delete all the ringtones for which you previously paid, it's wise to place them in a backup directory on your computer so you can always reload them. Otherwise, once you hit "Delete," they'll be gone for good.

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