How To Delete Samsung Solstice Wallpapers

You've just gotten a new phone, and you want to know how to delete Samsung Solstice wallpapers. The Samsung Solstice is a side-slide touchscreen phone that uses the AT&T cellular network. With just a few short steps, deleting Samsung Solstice wallpapers should take you just a few minutes.

  1. From the main screen, press the button for "My Menu". This should take you to the Main Menu of your Samsung Solstice.
  2. Once on the Main Menu screen, choose the "My Stuff" icon.
  3. In My Stuff, choose the "My Pictures" icon to select the folder images are saved in. 
  4. In this folder, highlight the image or Samsung Solstice wallpapers you wish to delete. 
  5. Select the "More" button and choose "Delete" from the menu. 
  6. Repeat steps four and five until the images or Samsung Solstice wallpapers that you wish to delete have been removed.
  7. If you are trying to delete a wallpaper that you have installed on your Samsung Solstice from a memory card, you will need to know what folder you have saved the wallpaper in. Once in this folder, follow steps four and five to delete Samsung Solstice wallpapers.
  8. When you have deleted the Samsung Solstice wallpapers and images you wish to remove, press the "End Call" key to return to the main screen. 

Many phones come pre-loaded with images and default wallpapers. Some wallpapers that do come preloaded are locked during programming, and cannot be deleted from the phone. To delete these Samsung Solstice wallpapers, you would need to download a third-party application, which incurs a risk of "bricking" your phone, rendering it inoperable.



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