How To Delete Saved Games On Wii

Have you run out of disc space and need to know how to delete saved games on Wii?  The popular Nintendo console has a finite amount of internal memory, and sometimes that memory can fill up in a hurry.  Follow these easy steps to clean out old saved games and to give yourself room for more games in the future.
  1. Find Save Data screen.  On the bottom left-hand corner of the start screen, click the circular button to enter Wii Options.  Click on Data Management and then Save Data.  Here you will be able to access both your Wii saves and any Nintendo GameCube save files that are connected via the two memory slots on top of the Wii console.
  2. Select your saved files.  When you click the left box to access Wii files, the next screen will display all save files located in the Wii internal memory as well as any files on an inserted SD memory card.  You can navigate through the files by clicking the right and left arrows on the screen or by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons on the Wii remote.
  3. Back it up.  You may want to delete your saved games now, but you might decide later you want to revisit an old game.  From here, you can back up any saved games located on the Wii internal memory onto a compatible SD card.  Simply select the file and click on "Copy" to back up your save data.
  4. Erase your saved games.  It's time to get rid of the file.  Select the file and click on the right-hand "Erase" box, and when prompted to erase the save data, select "Yes" on the bottom of the screen.  The Wii will immediately delete the saved game from your Wii internal memory and then take you back to the Save Data screen.  Continue these steps for any files you want to delete, including any saves located on an attached SD memory card.
  5. Confirm it is deleted.  You should now have some extra memory available on the Wii internal memory.  The bottom right-hand corner of the Save Data screen will show how many open memory blocks are available for you to use, and it should be a greater number than it was prior to you deleting the files.  Knowing how to delete saved games enables you to increase your Wii memory space and allows you to add more games to your Wii in the future.
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