How To Delete Songs In Serato

When you are creating new mixes, you will probably want to know how to delete songs in Serato. Serato's Scratch Live program is one of the most powerful DJ software programs on the market today. Using just your computer, you can create intense mixes using your music. If you are using Serato's Scratch Live to create DJ mixes, chances are you have thousands of songs at your disposal. While you want to use the most current and popular songs, after a bit these can become stale and people will get sick of them. There is no need to have old songs you aren't using anymore sitting in your program, so it makes sense to want to delete songs from your mixes. Sometimes, this simple action of deleting songs seems much more confusing than it actually is. Scratch Live from Serato actually makes it quite simple to delete songs when you are through with them.

  1. Make sure you back up the songs you want to delete. While you want to delete songs in Serato right now, it is always helpful to have them on hand just in case you need them later. Back them up onto another part of your hard drive or onto an external hard drive.
  2. Go to the setup screen of Scratch Live. This is the screen that allows you to arrange and manipulate music in your library.
  3. Make sure "protect library" in the setup screen is unchecked. This will allow you to manipulate the items in the library, so you can add and delete songs.
  4. Click on the song you want to delete. Press CTRL+DEL in Windows or APPLE+DEL on a Mac to delete the song.
  5. Make sure you delete the songs from your iTunes library. Serato takes songs from iTunes, so if you want to delete songs in Serato you need to make sure they are out of your iTunes library. This is why it is important to back them up for later use.


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