How To Delete A Toshiba Hard Drive

Do you need to know about how to delete a Toshiba hard drive? There are few things in this world more frustrating than having to reformat a hard drive, and Toshiba laptops drives can be a bit hard to reformat. Remember, reformatting or deleting all the information off your hard drive makes whatever files you had nearly impossible to recover unless you work for the FBI; reformatting, whether it be a Toshiba hard drive or not, should always be your last resort. All you need is your Windows installation disc if your drive is the main boot drive for your computer.

You will need: 

  • Windows installation disc
  1. Back it up. The very first thing you want to do is back up any important information. Either purchase an external drive, burn information to DVDs, or whatever is most convenient for you. Your information will be gone forever after deleting your Toshiba Hard Drive by reformatting it.
  2. Open your Windows. This might be slightly different depending on what version of Windows you have, and whether or not the Toshiba drive you are deleting the information from is your boot drive or a slave drive. If your Toshiba hard drive isn't the one with Windows installed on it, you can simply go to My Computer, right click the hard drive you want to delete, and choose "format." Pick your partitions and let it go. Depending on the size of your drive, formatting can take a little while. If your drive is your boot drive however, just put your Windows installation disc in the drive and restart your computer. Eventually, it will ask to boot from your disc.
  3. A fresh start. Windows will give you a list of options to either install a new copy of Windows over the old copy, which will preserve your data and may be enough to help your Toshiba drive to work, and another option that will delete the information off your Toshiba hard drive entirely. For this guide, you will want to choose to start fresh. Windows will clear off all the information from your Toshiba hard drive and reinstall itself. You will also have options to adjust partition size, time zone, and anything else specific to your setup. After a little while, your Toshiba hard drive will be working as if you never got it chocked full of viruses and errors to begin with!
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